Common Questions About Organic Beds

What If I Spill Something On My Organic Mattress?

We always recommend that you use an Organature ‘Org-Suede Flannel’, machine washable mattress protector. These are really easy to fit and are designed exactly the same as a fitted sheet. If you require some extra protection our new Org-Fleece flat mattress protector placed under the fitted one would be a better option than one which has been plasticised; careful ‘Eucalypt’ protectors are classed as synthetic!

Our products are NOT plasticised or treated with moisture repellents, so you will need to take greater care with your certified organic mattress but the health benefits are well worth it.

Liquid spills should be ‘mopped up’ by sprinkling with bi-carbonate of soda, allow it to absorb the moisture, gently scrape with flat of knife and repeat if required. Finish with a damp cloth and then blow dry on both sides with a hair dryer, (make sure it’s not too hot or too close) or just air in the sun. If soiled, spot clean with bi-carbonate of soda and water, vinegar or lemon juice will aid to neutralise the stain.

How Should I Care For My Organic Mattress?

To minimize dustmite problems vacuum and air mattress approx. every three months when you are also turning the mattress, turning head to toe and next time flip over side to side.

Lots of people seem to think that they are allergic to dustmites; however dustmites have been around for a long, long time. 30 plus years ago people did not suffer with allergic reactions like we do now! These allergic reactions are caused by overload of the immune system and changing over to Certified organic beds and linen will help to improve that.

Remember, even if you manage to get rid of every dustmite in your bed, the next day they are back because they live in your clothing, furnishings, curtains and carpet. Bearing that in mind, if you are changing over to totally organic bed and bedding we suggest you do not waste your money on dustmite protectors. The use of dustmite protectors would not allow the mattress to breathe properly and this can add to more dustmites hiding in your nice moist warm bed.

Will My Innerspring Mattress Or Futon Lose Its Shape?

The organic cotton we use for the carded wadding, (teased out into fluffy pads) is very high quality. It is therefore “fluffier” than usual. This will give the innerspring a raised ‘puffed’ appearance towards the middle and initially you may find it soft, however the cotton will compress and this ‘puffed’ appearance will diminish as the mattress is used. It should be slept on for a few weeks and then turned over to settle. Regular turning and flipping over is recommended. The innerspring will at that stage be classed as medium firm towards firm and will appear level like any other innerspring mattress.

The futon is filled completely with this carded wadding and to avoid the cotton from moving when turned there is the ’buttoning’ effect which gives the futon the distinct futon look with the many dips. The futon is initially soft but will compress over a period of time and at that stage classed as firm; the time taken and the firmness depend on the weight of the person(s) and personal ‘feel’. A futon would not suit you if you prefer a nice flat mattress.

Are They Firm To Sleep On?

Cotton mattresses are typically firmer than synthetic ones. This is because unlike synthetic materials, cotton does not have “memory” and does not return as readily to its original shape.

Organic Cotton is better for your back and most people find them more comfortable too.

Is There A Warranty?

Absolutely.  You can read more about that here.

Where Can I Get Nice Organic Bed Linen And Sheets?

Organature also make a delightful range of organic bed linen as well as bedding, all made from Certified Organic Cotton.

There’s also an attractive range of timeless colours to choose from in many of our products. Of course, all of our organic bed linen, manchester, quilt, comforter, blanket, cotton sheets, flannel sheets, bedding, rugs, pillows, mattress protectors and pillow protectors are also available as ‘natural’, like calico, without dye.

View our full Organature Product List where you can really see the full range of organic goods including comfortable organic cotton clothing for men, women and children, organic baby products, fluffy bath towels, cosy organic cotton dressing gown, duvet covers, a range of Certified Organic cotton fabrics, suitable for curtains and clothing which may be bought by the roll or by the meter and so much more …

Should I Buy A Mattress Or A Futon?

Organature produces two styles of organic mattress, the innerspring and the futon style. Both are made using pure certified organic cotton where there is plenty of air flow to insulate your body during those essential resting periods of sleep. Refer to our information above “Will my innerspring mattress or futon lose its’ shape?”

Please CONTACT US if you’d like more specific advice. We’re happy to help OR just go to our main website for Beds, Mattresses, Futons and more.

We are committed to selling merchandise of the highest quality and value, manufactured from 100% certified organic cotton, FREE from synthetic additives. Our organic cotton fabrics are produced GOTS* Sustainable Textiles and certified by ‘Control Union’; (*Global Organic Textile Standard).

Can I Use My New Organic Mattress On An Old Bed Base?

Please DO NOT USE imported timber and timber products (which are most likely fumigated) with your pure organic cotton mattress. We also DO NOT recommend the use of pine due to the high content of terpenes (turpentine). DO NOT use chipboard, MDF or plywood either, or you are decreasing the chances of experiencing the real HEALTH BENEFITS associated with purchasing a pure organic cotton mattress in the first place.

Please contact us directly if you feel you would like to have further information. We want you to be delighted with your purchase and we’re more than happy to guide you in the most suitable direction for you.

Is It Really Healthier To Buy Organic Cotton Products?

Buying genuine, certified organic cotton products are one more step towards living in an eco-friendly world. The production of every certified organic product is strictly monitored during each phase, and the processes used are much more environmentally friendly than any other production method currently employed on the planet today.

Buying organic ensures a better chance for the long term health of our world by utilising sustainable farming practices, WITHOUT the use of unnecessary and allergy causing chemicals.

Your children will thank you for it!