Safe For Chemical Sensitivity, Asthma, Eczema and Allergy Sufferers

The Only Organic Cotton Mattress Made in Australia

Organature is the ONLY manufacturer producing genuine organic cotton innerspring mattresses and futons in Australia. Everything we make and use has been thoughtfully chosen with Chemical Sensitivity, Asthma and Allergy Sufferers in mind, right down to the packaging.

PLEASE NOTE: Some people are so Chemically Sensitive that they will need to air their organic cotton products longer. Samples of the fabric and filling are available upon request but please note that samples may have been aired for some time and may not reflect the final product.

Why Do We Make Organic Products?

Organature organic cotton manufacturer AustraliaOne of our founders, Peter, was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) in 1993. He was forced to give up work as a result. There is no total cure for this strange ailment which can strike anyone at any time. Read more about MCS, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity HERE.

When we were researching MCS we discovered that many people are already allergic to common household products such as perfume deodorant, soap powders and more (due to the chemicals they contain), and can feel tired, experience difficulty breathing, have asthma like attacks and get rashes or other allergic reactions, some without even realising the cause!

Treatment for Chemical Sensitivity – At this time, the only recognised remedy and precaution for Chemical Sensitivity is the ‘Avoidance of Chemicals’. As a chemical sensitivity or asthma sufferer, it is vital to get a good night’s rest without the effects of chemicals. Avoiding the traditional bedding products including sheets, pillows and bed linen which are often treated with potentially allergy aggravating, (and often causing), chemicals), is really important in helping you FEEL BETTER.

Why Is Regular Bedding And Bed Linen Bad For Us? – Conventional cotton bedding and bedlinen often contain chemicals such as formaldehyde to make them ‘Non-iron’, ‘Easy care’, ‘Wrinkle free’, ‘ Permanently pressed’, ‘Flame proof’ and many other fancy names. With polyester/cotton the chemical outgassing from polyester adds to the harm.

Feeling Better By Using Organic Products – To minimise exposure to the harmful chemicals that were making Peter so sick *that he couldn’t work and could barely even get out of bed, we use ONLY Organic products in our home (with special emphasis on what we sleep on and under), and have witnessed massive improvements in Peters’ health, due to these changes. * (proven in 2000 by blind and double blind testing to have come from the outgassing of the chemicals in his family conventional bedding and bedlinen manufacturing factory).

Organature was created because there was no Bedding Manufacturer using clean and safe Organic practices in Australia. Research also showed there were many other Australians with symptoms like Peter’s caused by similar reactions to chemicals, so we decided to make, supply, import where necessary and deliver the range of Organic Cotton Goods that people were desperately needing to regain their health.

Only Safe Organic Products and Packaging Are Used

certified-organic-productsAll Organature bedlinen and other bedding products are made in Australia in our own sewing rooms under strict clean conditions. Our requirements to supply HEALTHY PRODUCTS to the public which are NOT contaminated by outgassing from other products, are * more strict than organic certification requirements.

*Our manufacturing area, sewing room and showroom walls are painted with natural organic paint, the suspended ceiling is hardwood frame with organic cotton calico, and the cutting table is Australian hardwood. (We DO NOT use chipboard or MDF). We are predominantly a family business and none of us use synthetic fragrances from perfumes, deodorants, aftershave to hand creams, personal care products etc.

We follow the European Organic certification standard which is more stringent and health promoting. We don’t use the American standard because it allows certain chemicals to be used in fabrics, like OB fabric whiteners, which are not allowed in Europe.

We control all aspects of the fabric supply and import, the products we manufacture ourselves and those we have made especially for us under strictly controlled contract, without contamination from outside sources. Our mattresses, doonas, quilt covers and pillows are filled with Clean Certified Organic Cotton and comply with very strict organic specifications.

About Our Packaging Materials

An Organature innerspring mattress or futon mattress is first packed in a handy draw string bag made especially from our organic cotton calico fabric and then meticulously wrapped in one layer of thick plastic and finally in a carton for outside Melbourne and interstate  transport.

This gives extra protection between the mattresses and the outer wrapping. All of our other bedding and bedlinen products are packed in either an organic cotton calico bag or true cellulose film and mostly in a carton for transport …because we care that you receive your new mattress, bedding, futon, sheets, pillows, towels, clothes or any other organic products we sell, in the best possible condition.


We hope our products will improve the quality of your life.